Because back then they had interesting ideas. Just saying.
  1. Les Yeux Sans Visage (Eyes Without a Face) 1960
    A brilliant doctor kidnaps beautiful Parisian women and removes their faces, then grafts them onto his daughter.
  2. White Zombie 1932
    One of the first zombie movies in Hollywood. Instead of flesh eating monsters, these zombies are slaves in a Voodoo trance.
  3. The Beyond 1981
    A woman inherits a hotel, meets a psychic blind woman and her dog, finds a gateway to hell and watches the people around her die.
  4. The Carnival of Souls 1962
    After surviving a car accident, a woman is haunted by a ghoulish specter who lures her to an abandoned carnival.
  5. Black Sunday 1960
    A dead vampire witch princess is reawakened centuries after her death, and proceeds to wreak havoc.
  6. Suspiria 1977
    A young dancer attends a ballet school in Germany, but she soon finds that it is a cover for something very sinister.
  7. Blood and Black Lace 1964
    A maniac with a metal claw-glove hunts beautiful models in Rome.
  8. The Whip and The Flesh 1963
    When a sadistic nobleman dies, his family thinks they will be free of him, until his ghost continues his reign of terror.
  9. A Bay of Blood 1971
    After a countess is murdered, members of a beautiful beachfront community go on a killing spree, each for their own reasons.
  10. Kill, Baby, Kill 1966
    In a small European village, people are being murdered, and silver coins are being embedded in their hearts.
  11. Who Saw Her Die? 1972
    The daughter of a sculptor is murdered by a serial killer who targets people who know too much about him.
  12. Baron Blood 1972
    While renovating a castle, workers awaken the ghost of a sadistic Austrian baron.
  13. Let's Scare Jessica to Death 1971
    After being released from a mental health clinic, Jessica and her husband move to a country house, but Jessicas sanity begins to disappear.
  14. Village of the Damned 1960
    After everyone in a small English village passes out, all the women wake up pregnant, and there is something wrong with the children.
  15. The Perfume of The Lady in Black 1974
    When a scientist who is plagued by hallucinations attends a party where the talk turns to witchcraft and human sacrifice, her sanity unravels.
  16. The Cursed Medallion/The Night Child 1975
    After an art historians daughter is given a medallion, she becomes possessed by the spirit of a murderess.
  17. The Old Dark House 1932
    A group of travelers is terrified when they shelter from a storm in the Femm family estate.
  18. The Bad Seed 1956
    A housewife is suspicious that her beautiful 8-year-old daughter is a killer.
  19. Witchfinder General 1968
    During the English Civil war, the witchfinder roams the country side collecting payment for each confession of witchcraft.
  20. The Seventh Victim 1943
    A girl discovers that her sister has gone missing, and all the signs point to a sinister cult.