1. The less makeup I wear.
    Because natural is always beautiful...and I'd rather sleep an extra 20 minutes.
  2. The more time I make to exercise.
    Because I'm not 18 anymore and that cheeseburger does more damage now. Plus strength.
  3. The better I am at moisturizing.
    Nothing less than SPF 30 for this face.
  4. The less likely I am to buy skinny jeans.
    They're really not comfortable. Give me soft boyfriend jeans any day.
  5. The more I dress for comfort - not cuteness.
    Eileen Fisher is queen. Mephisto sandals forever.
  6. The less likely I am to grow out my hair.
    Because short hair I do care.
  7. The more I cook.
    It's basically my new form of therapy, and the end result is yummy.
  8. The less I drink.
    Because who has time for a 3-day hangover?
  9. The more chocolate I eat.
    Life's too short to deny yourself chocolate, so if you want it, eat it.