1. "Woah this is kinda scary."
  2. "Is that Daryl Hannah?"
  3. "Are they about to kill off Daryl Hannah in the first 10 minutes of the show?!"
  4. "Oh hey, that's Chicago."
  5. "Hey, that's my old neighborhood in Chicago!"
  6. "Are they smoking crack or opium?"
  7. "I really have no fucking idea what's going on."
  8. "Oh ok, that's a strap-on."
  9. "This Japanese girl can probably kick some serious ass. She looks PISSED."
  10. "What's happening?"
  11. "What's happening?"
  12. "I really don't get this at all, but it's shot beautifully."
  13. "Well that escalated quickly."
  14. "Ok really though, is that crack or opium? I guess it probably doesn't matter."
  15. "All of these voices in my head would really freak me out."
  16. "Oh they can see each other, too?"
  17. "Alright I really don't know what's going on."
  18. "This probably isn't the best show to watch before bed."