1. Did I lock my car door?
  2. What if my car gets stolen? I definitely don't know the protocol.
  3. My father would fucking kill me if my car got stolen.
  4. My mom would be pissed, too. So much over-the-phone shrieking.
  5. Did I lock the front door?
  6. Who would want to break into this dump though?
  7. I don't even think I'd be sad if they stole stuff. Nothing is really all that important in our apartment.
  8. Am I doing this wrong? Should I have nicer things?
  9. But I can't afford nicer things. I'm so poor right now.
  10. Ugh, so poor.
  11. I wonder how much money I have in my checking account.
  12. Every time my mom asks if I'm saving, I say yes, but I think she knows I'm lying.
  13. What's going to happen to me if my parents die?!?
  14. Ok, stop thinking about that.
  15. No but really! I'm essentially a 26-year-old child. I call them every day!
  16. Am I doing this wrong? Maybe I need to act more like an adult?
  17. What does that mean though?
  18. Fuck it, I'm so poor right now I can't think of anything else.
  19. We really should stop eating take out. I wonder how many days in a row I could go with eating only eggs and peanut butter.
  20. The peanut butter part would be easy actually. Eggs, not so much.
  21. What am I going to make for breakfast tomorrow?
  22. Ugh I really need to get more sleep.
  23. I need to starting budgeting for Christmas. What am I going to get my parents?