My adventure in using my new French press
  1. Why do I need step by step directions to make a cup of coffee?
  2. This seems like a lot of coffee grounds for one cup of coffee...
    One rounded scoop for each 4oz of water
  3. Ok, timer set for 4 minutes!
  4. Timer went off! Time to press the coffee down!
    This was the most exciting part
  5. I had to find the perfect cup
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  6. This coffee is seriously strong! Mother of god I need more creamer
    It ultimately took almost 1/2 cup creamer for me to be able to drink this
  7. And then I realized there are a ton of coffee grounds floating in my cup of coffee...
  8. My coffee is now cold from all the creamer and crunchy from the grounds...
  9. Better luck next time...