My Cats

idk @Debby said she'll take pictures of your cats so here's mine
  1. Miracle
    she's the oldest and the fattest. She can also be very mean so watch out for her
  2. Angel
    She's supposedly the oldest out of the litter but she's the smallest. She likes to attack your feet a lot and scratch. Her name should actually be Devil not Angel
  3. Bambi
    she's Angel's only sister and we named her Bambi because of how shy and timid she was when we first got her but now her name doesn't really fit her, but now it's too late to change it so whatever. She's cute though
  4. Chandler
    This is one of the girls' brothers and yes he was named after Chandler from Friends bc why not? He's the biggest out of his siblings & he can be very sweet or very mean, but he's mostly very very sweet