Memorable Bad Dates

  1. That one where he played yodeling music during the entire date.
    And yodeled along. And refused to talk about anything besides Germany.
  2. The one that was a double date. Him & me, my sister & his brother.
    They both confessed their undying love to us 🙄
  3. The one where he didn't come to the door, and my phone was dead so I didn't know he was there.
    He didn't even honk lol
  4. The one where he kept trying to kiss me even though I was saying no lol
    Not cool
  5. That one where he made fun of my lack of bowling ability for a solid 20 minutes
  6. The one where I accidentally hit him on the head with a surfboard
  7. The one where he made fun of a seventeen year old for his receding hairline
    I wanted to throw up and cry at the same time tbh