I'm sitting at LaGuardia and have been for 4 hours and am so bored, but it is great people watching so let us give some people some shout outs!
  1. All the fine young guys walking by in their well tailored suits
    How is your suit not wrinkled after your flight?! How do you still like so good! Are those shoes Italian leather?!
  2. The woman wearing high heels and bell bottom jeans
    You are fearless and look ready for an early 2000's red carpet
  3. WAIT all these women wearing high heels while traveling?! You're so strong.
    I admire you. I didn't even put on makeup today and am definitely wearing Birkenstocks and socks.
  4. The people who made my pizza
    You made the best food I've ever had from an airport and it was like really good for any food standards! NICE!
  5. The old businessman with his shirt buttoned one button too low
    I would describe you as crotchety. Pls button up.
  6. My stuffed flamingo, Douglas
    Thanks for being here for the moral support
  7. My mom
    I love you
  8. All the workers here!
    It's late. I'm tired. You're tired. Thanks for being here!
  9. The couple dressed in head to toe Vineyard Vines
    So much prep. And yes sir, I did just see you stub your toe.
  10. The CNN panel discussing Obama
    Keep arguing fellas (and lady)! It's entertaining me!