A Thunder Ronson Update

Thunder is now almost 5 months old. I'm not sure how I feel about him, yet. He's kind of an asshole.
  1. He never tires of harassing poor tired Cadillac.
  2. He peed on my bed today.
    He did this without breaking eye contact with me.
  3. He barks in Cadillac's face
    Non stop until she engages with him.
  4. Demands blow jobs
    Stands over Cadillac's face until she obliges him. Not sure what she gets out of it. It's pretty gross.
  5. But
  6. And
  7. Also
  8. Oh and
  9. Did I mention.....
    My assistant sent me this photo- this is where he found Thunder just hanging out one evening.
  10. And
  11. Also
  12. 1 more thing
  13. Oh, I forgot
    He sleeps like this
  14. It would be rude not to include
  15. And
    He edits my lyrics
  16. Channukah Card
  17. Campaign Pup
    I use him to ease the Bern
  18. Last but not least
  19. One more thing
  20. Oh shit. I almost forgot
    He blends in so well.
  21. He just pissed on my bed again. Made sure to do so on the cashmere blanket.
    Just now. At 1:30 am. No face is that cute at this time of night.