Thank you @vanzorn for your list that I am stealing.
  1. The Doors
  2. The grateful dead
  3. Phish
  4. Bob Marley
    I got over it. I used to say that I didn't know anything about reggae because I didn't go to boarding school or live in the dorms at college. I also never really smoked weed. The white kids into reggae were also such embarrassing caricatures of white kids into reggae.
  5. Sylvia Plath
    I just can't read The Bell Jar, or anything she has written. I'm not proud of myself for this, just being honest.
  6. Jack Kerouac
  7. Charles Bukowski
    I have bought ham on rye. I just can't get started.
  8. One Direction
  9. E.L. James
    Using the term artist l o o s e l y here. 50 shades of ewwwww, no thank you.
  10. L. Ron Hubbard
  11. I hated boyhood
    I think I'm just gonna have this be my sign off.