I love a documentary. Learning+ popcorn=everyone wins. This should get you started. (Also my mother always said- only boring people get bored)
  1. The Up series.
    Just excellent.
  2. Crazy Love
    You will never feel any shame about a relationship again!
  3. The Staircase
    Did he? Didn't he? Didn't feel like the director was pushing any real agenda. Just laying it out there. Or maybe I missed something. Either way, I enjoyed it.
  4. Mitt
    My take away from the doc: Campaign managers truly matter, his sucked.
  5. The Source Family
    Fun fact- Remember the healthy LA restaurant in Annie Hall? "Alfalfa sprouts and mashed yeast"? The restaurant's owner also was the leader of his "family" aka Cult.
  6. Tabloid
    Holy shitballs batman! Bitches be crazy!
  7. Kids for cash
    Extreme sentencing of juveniles for minor infractions. I'm pretty sure there was a law & order svu episode based around this topic. There was. Swoosie Kurtz played the corrupt judge.
  8. The Hollywood Complex
    Child actors living at the oakwoods apartments during pilot season.The inspiration for this list came from @lesleyarfin's list of shows she would watch- I suggested this- she requested a list.
  9. The Imposter
    Suggested by   @shannon
  10. The Imposter
    Insanely wild.
    Suggested by   @johannasamuels