Why I'm happily single, but haven't given up and opened the door to the cats waiting, impatiently, outside.
  1. Cadillac and Thunder
    While cats are much easier for someone like me, who travels all year round, I have faith that I will eventually meet someone.
  2. I'm a workaholic
    I sometimes think it might be fun to be in a relationship, but I am so tired at the end of the day/night that sleep is so much more enticing.
  3. Cadillac and Thunder
    They take up the entire bed so it never feels empty.
  4. Cadillac and Thunder
    They are super cuddly.
  5. Cadillac and Thunder
    They snore and most people have a hard time sleeping with them in the bed. "They were here first" doesn't usually go over so well with guests.
  6. Twilight Zone
    I saw an episode of the show once where a cat stole the breath of humans while they were fast asleep.
  7. Cats don't care about you
    While I'm totally content alone, I like to be obsessed over. I'm a Leo. The love doesn't have to be human, it just has to be irrational.
  8. I'm violently allergic to cats
    Remember that kid in school who was always sniffling and blowing their nose? Take that and raise it eyes swollen shut plus breathe right strips at all times. sexy, right?
  9. Even Edith Crawley found love.
    She had decided to focus on work and accept her future as a "spinster" and boom.... LOVE! Yes, I'm aware that she is a fictional character, but I don't leave the studio and that has been my world.... Am, currently, binge watching Grace and Frankie, so stay tuned for my next cabin fever induced philosophy.