I've been a huge fan of Mr West since we were label mates on roc-a-fella. Lots of fond memories over the years.... We go way back.... We actually worked together while his jaw was wired shut, but that's a story for another list.
  1. I have heard this 1 song
    No more parties in LA gets play on Beats1. Kendrick sounds great. Ye shouting out E! is just too much for me to take.
  2. The rest.....
    Nope. Can't do it. His "Bill Cosby innocent" tweet was just too far over the line for me to feel good about supporting him at this point in his journey.
  3. I'll explain
    1. If he meant it.... He is ignorant and I don't choose listen to ignorant people's music.
  4. Cont'd
    2. If he didn't mean it..... A lot of people have justified his comment by saying he was just trying to get attention for the release of his record.... That's not a justification- that's a disgusting thing to do. He's calling 50+ rape victims liars for the sake of album sales? Nope. Not ok. Horrifying. Irresponsible. Disgraceful.
  5. Feel me?
    Either way- I choose to not support Mr West. I am not negating his talent, just refusing to indulge this petulant ego maniac.
  6. In the meantime
    I still have lots of great music to listen to.