I spend a lot of time killing it. Airports are where I have really honed my skills. The following is in no particular order.
  1. Bejeweled Blitz
  2. Pogo.com
    Lots of games on this website. I live here.
  3. Law & Order SVU
    It's always on. True story- I spent the day in jail, once, and it was on the tv on the wall across from my cell. Silver linings, people.
  4. Naps
    Naps with a time limit are stressful for me. When I know I have to wake up I have a harder time falling asleep.
  5. iTunes
    Going down the "people who chose this also chose" rabbit hole.
  6. Making lists
    This is my new favourite way to spend my time waiting at airport gates.
  7. Reading
  8. Words with friends
    LilredLA feel free to challenge me to a game
  9. Needlepoint
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    I'm pretty into Bargello- but I'm down with needlepoint too.
  10. Knitting
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    So what. I'm a grandma. Whatever! I knitted this cashmere teddy bear for my sister for Chanukah. Fuck yeah I did!
  11. Watch First Two Thirds of "Boyhood"
    Suggested by @samboyd