Reasons why friday isn't so bad
  1. My trainer canceled on me today!
    Could it be because he came to the club I dj'd at last night? I think so.
  2. I worked two jobs last night
    I dj'd from 7:30-10. (Extra half hour as a bonus- they kept dancing, I got paid- everyone wins) I dj'd again from 11:30-2ish. I can maintain by tootsie pop habit for another few months.
  3. I'm working tomorrow in Atlantic City
    More tootsie pops for me. Also if anyone is in the Atlantic city area for any reason, pop on over to the Borgata!
  4. Sun is shining and I might get to eat dinner with my sister tonight.
    My Friday is your Monday, folks. Someone has to entertain you guys while you blow off steam!