I quit smoking just over a year ago. Hold your applause, it was actually pretty easy. I went to a hypnotist, it worked. This habit has been replaced with a few new hobbies and things to chew on.
  1. Tea tree oil toothpicks
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    I've probably swallowed more splinters than any human should, but I'm pretty sure that won't give me cancer- so I win!
  2. Tootsie Pops
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    I now order them online coz I prefer the chocolate and grape flavoured ones. However, I still buy cherry ones for guests coz I'm not a monster.
  3. Bargello
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    It's a kind of needlepoint- think missoni.... It's fun and moves way faster than regular needlepoint because you cover four squares at a time instead of just one.
  4. Bargello again
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    Coz this one is pretty too and a different pattern
  5. Knitting
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    I made myself this teddy bear. It's cashmere and cuddly.
  6. K2
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    I made my sister one for Christmas- charlotte's was the first one I made. Ever. It took forever. Sewing the pieces together was the most daunting task, one I choose to never do again. (I let the "finisher" at the knitting shop finish the one I made for me, coz there was no time restraint) needless to say- I knitted her bear a scarf to cover the "neck". Connecting the head and body was no easy task.
  7. Needlepoint
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    This took forever. I didn't have it ready for Christmas as planned. Also by the time I wasn't even nearly done I realized what I thought was sweet and thoughtful was pretty much bad fan art. I had my brother's album logo printed on mesh so I could make it a pillow. He loved it and I got a kick out of making him this card.
  8. Pt 2
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    The actual pillow.
  9. Knitting some more
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    I made the mistake of thinking that I could quickly knit a tie as a fun gift. It took me around 2 months. Obviously I was doing other things in between- but dude- fuck. What a nightmare. And it was for Kives- who appreciated it about as much as my mother appreciated my childhood art projects. As each "ashtray" was met with "that's lovely, why don't you hold onto that for me."
  10. Sock bear
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    This was a fun afternoon activity. I then knitted a cape for the little guy out of some left over cashmere yarn.
  11. Transcendental Meditation
    I can not recommend this enough. Game changer.
  12. Oh, did I mention that I'm single?
    I'm pretty sure this list would make that pretty clear.