I could not have powered my way through ER without the training gained from the below mentioned and the many I have forgotten along the way. (As one does when one watches entire seasons in a day). currently accepting suggestions for my next race...
  1. ER
    I bought season 1 on April 1st, but I really didn't hit my stride until May when I purchased season 3. June 6th was a particularly successful day, I managed to watch an entire 22 episode season and move on from 13 to 14. After suffering through the departure of my crush, Dr. Abby Lockhart- I made it through a cameo heavy but story light season 15. The series finale (and my fear of success and good byes) is all that separates me from the finish line. Oh and 3,000 miles.
  2. West wing
    August 2013
  3. 24
    June 2014
  4. Dexter
    April 2014
  5. Six feet under
    May 2014
  6. Law & Order
    Every hotel room I've ever stayed in.
  7. Law & Order SVU
    Holidays are my favourite, but USA and TNT keep me in regular shape.
  8. The Jinx
    Feb/March 2015
  9. The Wire
    This show took me three tries to get into it. 2009 I watched 2 seasons and quit. 2011 I tried again. 2014 was my year, though, I finally crossed the finish line.
  10. Friday Night Lights
    2009 and the newer seasons as they aired. again in 2014 because.... Duh. Coach Taylor.
  11. Oz
    2011-2014 started with DVDs from Netflix and ended with HBO go.
  12. Everything on HBO Go and showtime anytime.
  13. Orange is the new black
    Suggested by @ljb4201
  14. Episodes
    Suggested by @ljb4201
  15. Homeland Watched three seasons in like three days!
    Suggested by @ljb4201
  16. Dawson's Creek
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  17. Arrested Development
    My favorite show of all time
    Suggested by @Anne