Sometimes people come into our lives and give us what we need, not what we (thought we) wanted at the time. Looking back, it's the dealers of the broken hearts I appreciate most of all.
  1. Joe 1996
    I loved Joe. Joe played the guitar. I learned how to play the guitar. I loved playing the guitar and Joe. He loved being an asshole and a stripper named Charity. Joe played me. But I win, coz I still play the guitar.
  2. Her 1996/7
    She had a record player. I loved her and the sound of a record when it popped and crackled. I bought a record player. She went to Africa to make a movie. I went to flea markets and record shops. She broke my heart. I became a DJ.
  3. Happy 2002
    Happy didn't smoke and chewed toothpicks. I loved Marlboro Reds. I fell in love with Happy. I quit smoking. He fell out of love with me. Three times. I picked myself and cigarettes back up again. Oh and girls. 12 years later I quit smoking and picked up Happy's brand of toothpicks.
  4. To be continued.....