I just looked at this and read it as "my favourite uncles" so I'm going with that
  1. Uncle Bernard
    He's my mother's only older brother. He's super orthodox and gave me my Hebrew name recently. He's very funny and was "quite the mischief maker" when he was young. However, he lives in Bournemouth so I see him rarely.
  2. Uncle Selwyn and Uncle Johnny
    They are dead even. Still alive, though. Selwyn lives outside London and Johnny in Liverpool. I haven't seen them since my brother's wedding 3 years ago. When I was little Johnny was my favourite coz he spoiled us rotten. He doesn't have any kids. They are both younger than my mother so I think they're still nervous around her. My mother didn't get along with selwyn's wife so we didn't see much of him which was a bummer.
  3. Uncle Kevin
    I saw him this last Christmas for the first time in probably two decades- he's my step-dad's only brother. He makes the list because he used to bring my sister and I grape bubble gum whenever he would come over.
  4. Uncle Gerald
    My father's only sibling. He is the family member I like the least. He "wrote" a book called "leading from the front". He's arrogant and rude. He went to jail for insider trading in the 80s. He was later pardoned by the queen- but forget that part. His 60th birthday I was in London and was not invited to his party- my brother, mark, was coz he's famous over there. He even had a plus one. my father still wasn't allowed to bring his children. He's a true class act.