There is a 5am flight on AA from LAX to Chicago. I didn't know this flight existed until last night when I got this absurd itinerary. I'm beginning to think this flight doesn't actually exist.
  1. Gate 43
    D379340f f9ca 42cb bef9 940bcf51c690
    The original gate assignment when I checked in this morning at 4am. This gate doesn't have a letter, but I'm sure someone wrote one once while waiting here.
  2. Gate 49 A
    D07047a9 2a4a 49b5 8e7e 0cb1a11460a6
    Our flight's new gate. This change happened on the way to the gate 43 thanks to a plane that never arrived. Ghost plane 2015.
  3. Gate 46 B
    C111fa0d b939 46f7 bdb0 e02d630ec6f0
    The magic plane that was available at gate 49 A only had enough fuel to take us to Austin. We're not going to Austin. I hope. I have to Dj this evening in chicago, Austin isn't in chicago. Boarded the plane at 49 A- got off the plane at 49 A- made a right and boom!
  4. 4a
    The man in this seat is about "four five seconds from wildin"
  5. AA 2278
    This journey's flight number
  6. 3f
    C97b0512 e20b 42b7 82e7 868b32148870
    While boarding the plane at gate 49 a, this seat's occupant was loudly discussing her drunken state, on the phone, with a friend. This experience has probably been the hardest on her.
  7. 4f
    C1c8f177 8b17 4d6e a8c3 1bb644a50e7b
    Where I will be reading "telegraph avenue" and also, hopefully, sleeping for the next few hours. @Ayelet did I spell that right? 😏