Taken from @Flurn but also- I call bullshit on the "random" ones.
  1. Screen shot from Instagram
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    I want to live in this photo. Gonna turn my bedroom/studio into this.
  2. vanity plate seen in my neighbourhood
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    Vanity plates are the absolute worst, but I envy the person able to commit like that.
  3. Subway spazz
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    I don't know how to take a picture of myself. My sister caught this on her camera. While looking for photos I just realized this. That she caught it in a photo, not that I can't take a self portrait, this is something I have known.
  4. Dress up
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    A #tbt of my sister and I. This wasn't Halloween. English people are weird like that.
  5. Atlanta- August 2012
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    My mum and step dad. He was sick for a while and at one point didn't think he would play guitar again. This is him about to get back on stage, with his band Foreigner, for the first time. Appropriately his entry song was "feels like the first time" - most of the men on stage were in tears- it was very emotional and exciting. I promised him "when" he played again I would be there.
  6. Bangkok
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    Shamelessly sleeping on the job. I laughed for a long time at this.
  7. D'Angelo
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    Going down the d'angelo arrested rabbit hole. Also "fat d'angelo". It was at 4am. I was in NYC. My friend had just reminded me of when he got arrested for spitting at someone at a gas station. Stop judging me!!!