Now what? And other thoughts as I spiral into the silence.
  1. Huh?
    The first sign I had no power....when I tried to turn on the light in my bathroom.
  2. That's weird
    Both bathroom bulbs blew out?
  3. Ugh, is the power out?
    When the third light in my bathroom didn't work. I don't have a palatial bathroom, but there is an overhead fan/light. To be honest, I thought it was a heat lamp for about a year. Because heat lamps are everywhere in places like sunny Los Angeles??? I don't always think things through.
  4. Fuck. Is the power out?
    Sometimes I lose power in my bedroom, only, coz my studio is in there and my tv and lights etc....
  5. Try the kitchen
    Walk past the stove (not noticing that the digital clock display is blank) and check the lights.
  6. Hmmm, the alarm display is lit up.
    Everything in my fridge is trashed, but I still have hope. Ok, not everything in my fridge. In fact, the only thing ruined in my fridge is my dog's food. Otherwise the only other contents are soda and water.
  7. Fucking power is out.
    I have to accept this fact.
  8. Ok, gotta go online and check power company website.
    Half way to my computer I finally realize that no power means no wi-fi. (I told you I don't always think things through.)
  9. What the fuck is the LA version of con Ed?
    I have lived in La for 10 years and i just had to google Santa Monica power outage to find out- Southern California Edison.
  10. Now what?
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  11. Shit. I have to cancel my session.
    No power also means no studio.
  12. Yay. No session. ER marathon.
    No. You idiot. You can't watch tv either. Did I mention that I don't always think things through?
  13. Ugh. What am I gonna do all day?
  14. Oh. Yay. I can finish Amy Poehler's book.
    Yes, please!
  15. I don't want to read.
    What am I, a character from Little Women? This sucks.
  16. Fine. I'll make a list.
    It's so quiet, guys. I can hear the birds chirping.
  17. Do you think the birds know the power is out?
    And sometimes I think things through..... To the other side of sanity.
  18. That buzzy sound in my ears is pretty full.
    I guess it is inside my head and not all the electronics I have plugged in.
  19. Shit. I have to cancel that session.
    Feel that familiar wave of relief that only canceling plans can bring as I text, can't work, power's out.
  20. Oooh better save this as a draft.
    No way am I rewriting this if I lose it checking my texts to see what Gjusta has to offer today.
  21. I guess I could go to the yarn shop and start a new project.
    Nah, then I'd have to get out of bed.
  22. Check the site for updates.
    With my newly acquired knowledge I can go back to the "sce" website.
  23. Awww man. This sucks
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    This can't be good.
  24. "only boring people get bored"
    My mother always said this (she's not dead, she just doesn't have to say it anymore) so I'm off to entertain myself.