My version of fuck marry kill
  1. Joan Holloway
    I know this person isn't real and I'm grateful for this fact, because I think she may be the sexiest character on TV. EvEr. Such a boss. Christina Hendricks is stunning and I know nothing about her at all, which is probably why Joan is my #1 crush.
  2. Slash
    If you've read his autobiography you know how much fun doing drugs with him would have been. "It seems excessive..... But that doesn't mean it didn't happen" is the text on the book cover because FUCK YEAH, SLASH!!!!! Good thing (according to his book) he's sober.
  3. Blondie
    This was a tough one coz there are so many artists I would love to work with, but this band just has it all. Besides Joni Mitchell doesn't rock, David Byrne would probably knock me out with an accidental dance move, and I already got to write/record a song with slash. 😏