My favourite xmas tunes + bonus playlist with lots more (Listen to Christmas by Samantha on @AppleMusic. )
  1. The Lonely Jew on Christmas
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    By Matt Stone
  2. Do They Know It's Christmas?
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    By Band Aid (not the happiest of tunes, but it was a great cause)
  3. The Little Drummer Boy
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    By The Jackson 5 (but I will take,literally, any version of this song)
  4. This Christmas
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    By Donny Hathaway
  5. Christmas Wrapping
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    By The Waitresses (I, honestly, don't know if I like this song or if it just means Christmas to me. My brother, Mark, brings a record player and this twelve inch for us to listen to every Christmas morning. Over and over as we open gifts. I might actually hate this song. Hmmmm)
  6. Wonderful Christmastime
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    By Paul McCartney (Daniel Merriweather covered this with my brother a few years ago. It's great.)
  7. Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto
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    By James Brown (because obviously)
  8. River
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    By Joni Mitchell
  9. The Little Drummer Boy
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    By Stevie Wonder (told you)