1. Fade away- Susanne Sundfør
    Just learned how to get to "ø" right now doing this. List app is a gateway drug to learning.
  2. Octahate- Ryn Weaver
    two words that are gonna totally fuck up my auto correct, but it's a good vibe pop song.
  3. Get closer- Life in Film
  4. Baby Blue ft. Chance The Rapper- Action Bronson
    My brother produced this track, but that's not why I love it. Chance the rapper's verse is awesome. And action Bronson is dope.
  5. Everything Burns- The Righteous Young
    I am incapable of listening to this just once. It's just one of those gems, for me.
  6. Lead off / The Cave- José González
    I'm just going in on these accented vowels
  7. Roll Up Your Sleeves- Meg Mac
  8. Song for Zula- Phosphorescent
  9. A Street- Leonard Cohen
    Holy fucking shit. I want to live inside his pen and see and feel every lyric before the air takes it and the paper puts the words in context.
  10. I wear you- All We Are
  11. Bury Our Friends- Sleater-Kinney
  12. Pendulum- FKA Twigs
    Dead stop traffic? Delayed flight? Treadmill? Bring it! Nothing can ruin this vibe.