I came I saw they conquered.
  1. A couple of months ago my brother let me in on a BIG secret. Some may even say, SUPER. I said... I'm coming!!!!
  2. Then I added a new family member to this household and thought I should probably stay home.
  3. I asked my brother if he would be upset if I skipped it. He said he understood. Coz he's awesome and magical.
  4. But then..... Coldplay asked if I could DJ their after party. That means flights and hotel covered plus fun!!!! So.....
  5. I left Thunder & Cadillac in the capable hands of my assistant, Michael, and off to San Jose I went!
  6. First sign I was in for a fun day....
  7. Matching is important
  8. At the game
    Sean Parker and his wife offered for Josephine (my sister in law) and I to join them in their seats at the game. They were insane. 5 rows back from the field. It was my first football game. I don't think I should go to another one. It couldn't possibly get better than that.
  9. People watching
    Watching people watching people.
  10. Half time
    I was really close, but watching on tv is really much closer.... So the best pic I have of my brother during the show is from my sister who was watching from home In NYC.
  11. Also
    I'm so proud of my brother and Bruno. Shit! What a dream come true.
  12. I left after that to go DJ.
    It was fucking epic!!!
  13. Then we flew home and I was back with my baby before sunrise.