I didn't edit these at all. I scrolled back a few years for some of these. I don't delete texts, now I know why. I've been waiting for this app forever, I just didn't know it.
  1. Darling Samantha, I wish you a special Gay Pride Day. Be so proud of yourself. I am always so proud of you and love and respect you very much. My love I send to you. Mummy xoxoxxxxxxx
  2. Should I messenger over yr salami salmon potato salad etc tomorrow for yr fridge. Great late night or breakfast snacks. Xx
  3. Darling Samantha, thank you for tonight. Lovely to be with you Am totally ok just freaked out as got trapped in elevator for 20mins. All good now. Was like a corny movie. I love you and will see you tomorrow. Sleep very very well Sweet dreams w fairy dust creating magic. Xxxxxx Mummy
  4. Too hoo calling too
  5. Hi Samantha I just arrived london from cape town. Waiting for connection x Anything you want from Harrods. Souvenir that's sentimental ? I love you xxxx
  6. Ok. On way downtown. Met amare studema. Whatever and jason kidd They are Sooo nice. Ino idea which team. But tommy hilfiger introduced me. Totally ok cos I didn't know who they we're. Xxx
  7. Darling Samantha, Thinking of you and sending love to that amazing power within you and encircles your beautiful energy--- to fly into the halo of the golden light, the magical fairy dust and your beautiful power Smile and know the magic of all you create soars with you now
  8. How are you feeling. I just got the last 5 packets of breakfast Marlboro and last 2 bottles red Coppola on Albert Kinney.
  9. Hi Samantha. You DUI person came by for his appointment with you. He asked me to tell you
  10. Hope your fog is great
  11. Did Herman Melville write Moby Dick. Just saw random street dedication to him. Meant to mention most. Delish Cornish pastie in years.
  12. Just lameded
  13. Toking oft