I should probably add "east coast" to the description, but I grew up in NYC and obviously our hip hop was what started it all. As a Dj, I know, I should be less biased, but I wasn't one in the 90s.
  1. Nice & Smooth: Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
    Samples Tracy Chapman's Fast Car and features the line "go to tavern on the green and have a glass of wine" WHAT?!?!
  2. Gang Starr- Dwyck
    Features nice & smooth.... Also you should know Mass Appeal from the same album- Hard to Earn. Dj Premier the producer/Dj half of the duo is also probably responsible for a ton of your favourite songs.
  3. Black Sheep- The Choice is Yours
    I would actually be surprised if you don't know this one.
  4. Main Source- Looking At The Front Door
    The album this song is on, Breaking Atoms, was one of the first albums I bought when I started dj'ing. If there was an "emo" category they would def be featured. Features lyrics as epic as- "we fight every night, now that's not kosher" that's the opening line of the song! Also "I front like everything's hunky dory" "sometimes I wish you'd come down with lockjaw" need I say more?
  5. De la Soul & Teenage Fanclub- Fallin'
    This song was on the Judgement Night soundtrack. All the songs were collaborations. Hip hop acts with rock acts- living colour with run dmc etc- fucking epic idea- I miss the days when soundtracks mattered. Anyway- I remember where I was when I first heard this song and have never stopped loving it. (My sister's boyfriend's NYC apartment- his parents lived in Bedford, Ny. We were in the 10th grade. We abused that place.)
  6. Brand Nubian- Slow Down
    Samples "what I am" Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
  7. Jay Z- A Million And One Questions
    Produced by Dj Premier
  8. A Tribe Called Quest- Can I Kick It
    Samples "walk on the wild side". Sensing a theme? The songs sampled for tracks on this list were featured heavily- bass lines- etc- not the blink and you'll miss it kind- so I guess you could say I came for the free sample and stayed for the cake. But why would you? That's weird and doesn't even make sense. Also- I'm obsessed with q tip and his voice. I could listen to him read or say anything.
  9. Craig Mack ft Notorious BIG- Flava In Ya Ear remix
    Holy shit do I love this track. Mainly just biggie's verse- which is first. "I get more butt than ashtrays" what?!?!?! Also I have stolen "don't be mad, UPS is hiring" for many a social media bio. Love when an artist is featured on a track and blows the original artist off the map.
  10. Das EFX- They Want EFX
    (Dead serious) version.... Why would you choose any other when given this incredible option? Also this song's lyrics feel like a Dr Seuss stoned stream of consciousness. "I take my fruit loops with two scoops and make it a double decker" is not as abstract as it gets.
  11. Leaders of the New School- Case Of The P.T.A.
    I vaguely remember my brother writing an article on this group for his school's paper back in high school. (I have a great memory for useless information- this app might be what I've been waiting my whole life for) anyway- Busta rhymes blew up out of this group that was featured on Scenario (a tribe called quest) I know this was 11, but it needed to be here.
  12. I could add so many more- lil Kim- big momma thing- mobb deep- shook ones part 2- nas- street dreams...
  13. Party & Bullshit: Biggie
    From the "Who's The Man?" Soundtrack.
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin