I had high hopes. Silly me
  1. Still no Jewish holiday love
    🔯 this is bullshit
  2. Whoever chose the animals is a dick.
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    I made these Crickets for when someone doesn't reply.... My gift for you.
  3. The new shades of emoji faces
    Now every time I send a face I have to worry if I'm being politically correct. Or send a weird glowing yellow face. I have enough anxiety, I don't need this in my life. I get the need for everyone to be represented, but these are emojis. They are weird phone characters. They're not representative of any of us. Except this is pretty much me 😏 or most often 🙈🙊 but if they were gonna do shades- why can't the "families" change colour? All or nothing is all I ask for.
  4. The food emojis
    I want to eat them all.
  5. I had to look this up 🗿
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    I wish it was Stonehenge. Just for casual spinal tap references.