I quit smoking a year ago, today. My friend, Masha, inspired me- well- I figured if Masha could do it, so could I. She smoked 100s like a good Russian. I smoked Marlboro reds like a fucking gangster.
  1. It's not easy. Did you crave them the first day?
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    We both went to the same hypnotist, Kerry Gaynor.
  2. Ok, I don't do that anymore. I am irritable and irked, though.
  3. K. Then how does hypnotism work? It feels like I was just trying to quit cold turkey. Ok. I'm just gonna trust you. Ok. Ok. Thank you!!!
  4. I wanna kill someone.
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  5. I feel like I just wanna sleep- forget about it. But I have too much work to do. Ha. I mean work in the studio. And I wanna cry. What is wrong with me?
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  6. You're the bestest. Thank you. What about e cigarettes? Ha. Ok.
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  7. I'm over this.
  8. How long til u didn't want to kill people?
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  9. I ended the night with this glorious moment on my way to LAX
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    Kicked a lovely hole in my wall. It was a tough night. But I did it.