Was there a time when this was happening so often that it became a topic of conversation for small talk?
  1. Not your top 5 favourite albums
    I'm pretty sure they are not, really, the priority.
  2. A satellite phone
    I'm not sure what these are or where to buy them, but in the movies they work EVERYWHERE!
  3. Sunblock
    For while you relax while waiting to be rescued, because you have a satellite phone and help is on the way.
  4. A record/cd/MP3 player
    Because you have been preparing for this moment since you first found yourself in an uncomfortable silence and there have been many technological advancements since then- who knows what form your music will take? I suggest vinyl- seems like the sturdiest form music can take.
  5. Your top 5 albums
    Hopefully you answered honestly, when listing these. Otherwise bummer for you, coz now you have with you 5 cool guy albums that you can only listen to on that record player- because duh- they were vinyl release ONLY! Lucky for you help is on the way.
  6. A few bottles of water
    Anything else you might need you can figure out how to make or hunt via YouTube which is accessible via your handy satellite phone.