1. New people that feel like old friends after a week.
    The first day of camp was so intimidating- I have a twin- a built in bestie- a bunk mate- and i was still nervous. But then you realize everyone feels pretty much the same way and off you go! New besties. Drake obviously never went to summer camp.
  2. You quickly realize that everyone is Jewish.
    The only non Jew at 3 pines or pinecliffe (one of the two) was ludmilla, the nurses daughter. I don't remember which camp, but I remember that. Side note- now that I think about it- I'm surprised Jews pay to go to someplace that calls itself a "camp." kinda weird, no?
  3. Inhibitions gone in 60 seconds
    Been sharing some pretty private shit up in here. Up in here.
  4. Socializing is limited
    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say no one has hooked up off here.... Yet. Let's have a dance.... So the boys and girls can meet. Or boys and boys or girls and girls- I'm not trying to regulate your sexual preference, people.
  5. Why it's better than summer camp
    Better food - everyone is nice- I don't have to go swimming in freezing cold lake water- "badges, we don't need no stinking badges"- we can stay forever.