1. Good I missed the lunch rush
  2. I wonder who is making burritos today
  3. I'm late enough I should be in the new guacamole batch, not the old stuff from yesterday
  4. Oh I remember this girl. She gives two scoops of rice
  5. Who is this joker in front of me ordering tacos?
  6. Why don't you know what you want to order???
  7. The music is very new age today, strange
  8. Just get the chicken lady, it's not that hard of a decision
  9. Finally it's my turn. This girl is about to get schooled in the most efficient way to order a bowl to go
  10. See? I know I've impressed her already
  11. Holy rice batman, now nothing else will fit in that bowl
  12. Why is it called mild? It's pico de gallo.
  13. Yes the guac looks good.
  14. Yes I know it's extra.
  15. I wonder how many people actually back out of the guac after they find out it's extra
  16. How many irate people have gone to pay and said "that's outrageous!"
  17. No. Thank you.
  18. Dang it don't hand me the receipt with my debit card.