Found @ Work

(I work with little humans)
  1. locker decorations getting a lil too real.
  2. a sopr sandwich indeed.
  3. i meaaaaan..... ☺️
  4. a skeleton placed outside of the guidance office. (full disclosure: i set this up myself and i'm only telling you so i get the credit for the sign)
  5. when you get bullied by a (VERY) hypocritical trash can.
  6. i'm just gonna leave edward penishands here.
  7. i'd for sure see this film adaptation.
  8. is this not a super romantic school Valentine or WHAT!?
  9. sometimes you walk down a hallway of 8 year olds trying not to cry at their inspirational artwork, okay!?!?
  10. 🚨💰🚨
  11. i'd rather not know.