My father is the actual best. He's my Lorelai Gilmore, overall favorite human, and the reason I'm funny. He is constantly doing awesome things, but here are the recent ones.
  1. Bought me tickets to go home for Thanksgiving
    Because I'm a broke out of state college student with a job that pays for absolutely nothing.
  2. Made me go to the doctor
    I hate the doctor. I will put off going to the doctor as if my life depends on it (see what I did there?) but when I got sick last week and missed a whole bunch of class, he told me I had to go to the doctor, because I refused to tell myself that.
  3. Remade my resume
    I have an internship application due this week for a job I want SO MUCH and no time to rework my pathetic resume. Dad to the rescue.
  4. Bought me tickets to Hamilton
    This one doesn't even need elaboration. It's just amazing.
  5. Decided to move back to the city
    My family lives in a suburb that none of us are particularly fond of, but now they're moving back into Boston!
  6. Sent me a video of Larry David on SNL
    Because he knows how obsessed I am with Larry David, SNL, and Bernie Sanders.
  7. Gotten overly excited over my academic achievements
    This is a highly parental thing to do but it's amazing nonetheless.
  8. Supported my study abroad venture
    Not only did my dad say I could study abroad, he excitedly supported it. He believes I should experience the world while I have the opportunity and that's just plain awesome.
  9. Continually telling me how to be a real adult person
    He tells me how to talk to my boss. He tells me how to get a referral from my doctor. He tells me what to do when my car has issues. I am not a real adult, but because of this I can pretend to be one.
  10. Just existed
    My dad's sheer existence is awesome.