I see roughly 7 movies a week so you could say I'm a bit of an expert.
  1. Best dining in the immediate area: Showcase Deluxe Legacy Place, Dedham
    Legacy Place is the WORST for parking and kind of terrible to be at during this time of year. I would know, I used to live right behind it, which was awesome because I had a movie theater in walking distance. Surrounding this theater are Wicked Good Pizza, Yardhouse, Genki Ya, PF Changs, and so much more. It's the perfect area for dinner/movie dates. Plus, there's a JP Licks for after.
  2. Best selection of films: Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge
    This is a Landmark theater, so it always gets indie movies and it always gets them very early on. I've been known to spend entire days there.
  3. Most comfortable seats: Regal Galleria, Taunton
    This is the town I grew up in, and let's get a thing straight. It's a pretty bad town, this is a pretty bad movie theater. They usually get the big box office hits and nothing beyond that, so I make it there rarely, BUT it was recently remodeled and now it has these huge leather seats that recline all the way back. It the most comfortable experience.
  4. Best atmosphere: Dedham Community Theater, Dedham
    Tiny theater that shows only 2 movies at a time, but always good ones. It's very old looking but quaint. I go there as much as I can.
  5. Best nearby attractions: Regal Fenway, Boston
    Walking distance to Fenway Park and The Museum of Fine Arts. Plus, Yawkey is just a fun area. Lots of bars and nightlife.
  6. Best for kids: IMAX at Jordan's Furniture, Natick
    I have the best memories of going here as a kid and seeing movies in insane 3D and being confused that it was in a furniture store. All the same, tons of fun.
  7. Best if you want to feel fancy: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    They show select art-house films and it's all very high society (well, for Boston.)
  8. Best all around: AMC Loews Boston Common, Boston
    It's right across the street from Boston Common and surrounded by shops and restaurants, making the location more than favorable. It also gets a wide selection of films, from blockbusters to indies, which lets it appeal to any moviegoer. Also, it's right by a green line stop, making it the perfect theater.