1. It was one heck of a winter. Living in Florida 75% of the year makes it easy to forget about this, but when I visited home for winter and even spring break, it was nuts.
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  2. Easily one of the best days of my life. A play I wrote won a contest. Still so proud of this.
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  3. Terrible photo but AMAZING concert. Love love love Hozier.
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  4. Beacon Street squared.
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  5. Red Sox games with my dad are always the best.
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  6. Museums!!! Museums!!!! Museums!!!
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  7. Alex's 21st birthday!! This was one of the best nights of the year by far. Alex and I go to school together, but Madison and Kate go to different schools, so whenever the four of us get together, it's very special. Think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but better and without sharing a pair of pants.
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  8. The start of a movement.
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  9. When Alex went as Burt Macklin and I went as Janet Snakehole for Halloween and we totally killed the costumes but no one at the party got it.
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  10. Tattoo #3 🌛
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