1. So, I'm staying with my old Jewish grandparents for a few days.
  2. They live in Palm Beach, Florida, in a 55+ community.
  3. Sound familiar yet?
  4. Why, yes, it IS strikingly similar to Jerry's parents living in Del Boca Vista in Seinfeld.
  5. It is 85 degrees outside. They keep the air conditioner at 80 degrees.
  6. Now, when I try to be a real person and turn it down, I am only allowed to turn it down to 77. In this event, they walk around in sweaters.
  7. There is no good place to sleep.
  8. There is the guest bedroom, which is the hottest room in the house. Now, the hottest room in a house that's already very hot is no place to be.
  9. Option two: the pull out couch. Remember the one from Seinfeld that screwed up Elaine's back? This one is the very same. It's a staple in old Jewish homes, I guess.
  10. So, as a result, I don't sleep while I'm here, and I end up something like this.
  11. And then, fun things like this happen! (Andy is my dad.)
  12. What a time to be alive, am I right?