1. So I'm flying out of the Orlando airport tomorrow
    And I go to school two hours from the airport. After years of experience of the hell that is commuting near thanksgiving, I know that trying to drive to the airport just hours before my flight is risky.
  2. So I decide to spend the night in a hotel
    The person making my reservation reminds me that AAA members get a discount. I dig up my AAA card that I haven't seen in years.
  3. I embark for Orlando at 6:30
    An accident happens immediately upon me getting on the highway. I wait in traffic for 45 minutes.
  4. The tire pressure light on my car turns on
    Backstory: I was in a near fatal car accident two years ago when my tire blew on the very same highway I was on tonight. I still have PTSD from this, so...
  5. I pull over and have a panic attack
    I call my dad, who's at work, but I scream "this is an emergency!!!!" which gets his attention. I sob for a while because of the intense fear of another car accident. He calms me down and tells me to call AAA.
  6. So I call AAA
    Which I only have the card for because I found it mere hours prior to this. I'm told someone will come check my tires in an hour and a half.
  7. I listen to Modern Romance on audiobook for a while
  8. I break out my laptop and work on my history essay
    I've been procrastinating this essay like there's no tomorrow and I took this ordeal as the universe saying, "okay, Sam, we are literally giving you no other options now."
  9. The AAA guy shows up way earlier than expected
    I'm not sure if this man was actually the nicest man in the world, but that's certainly how he seemed to me in that moment. I explained my situation and previous accident and he gave me the look I've received from countless mechanics and car salesmen. It's like the equivalent of someone looking at an injured puppy.
  10. I spend some time staring at the moon as he looks at my car
    Thoughts: "This might as well happen."
  11. He checks my tires and finds nothing wrong
    Apparently it was just the cold weather. My dad actually said this in the midst of my panic attack, but I wasn't gonna screw around with the possibility of another accident.
  12. I continue driving to Orlando, belting Hamilton the entire time
    The normally two hour journey ended up taking four hours.
  13. I check into my hotel and finish writing my essay
    Marveling at the fact that if I hadn't driven to Orlando tonight, the tire business would have happened tomorrow and I would have missed my flight. Also, if the hotel person didn't ask about AAA, I wouldn't have had my card on me tonight when I actually needed it.
  14. Life is weird sometimes