Because I'm just a 20 year old girl with the vocabulary of a dad.
  1. On the daily
    We're already having fun.
  2. Am I right, fellas/ladies?
  3. This is not my first rodeo
    I say this one to comfort the person doing a thing with me to make it seem as if I have done the thing before. The irony, if you choose to see it, is that I have almost never done the thing before if I'm saying this phrase.
  4. It was nothing to write home about
  5. In a hot second
    Sometimes the time parameters are different, such as a cool fifteen, a mild five, etc.
  6. You're truth is not my truth
    I used to say this one in meaningful context. Now it's been demoted to when someone tells me they're not a fan of the new season of Portlandia or they don't like my chacos.
  7. Solidarity, sister!
    I really shouldn't be allowed to say this one.
  8. You mean like when someone plays too many scratchy lotteries?
    I've seen John Mulaney's "New in Town" about 17 times now and quote it more than one person should.
  9. Right on