1. the synagogue of a religion that I only culturally believe in
  2. underneath boston on the platform of the t
  3. the amc loews in boston common
  4. the presence of the friends I've grown up with
  5. the basement of my aunt's house
  6. thayer street in providence, ri, right on the edge of brown university
  7. the streets of downtown gainesville between the hours of 12 - 3 am
  8. the seemingly endless, air-filled space between the orlando and boston airports
  9. the early hours of the morning as I finish a story or play
  10. the pages of murakami and bly
  11. the auditorium of jp taravella high school
  12. fenway park, next to my dad
  13. the chair of a tattoo parlor
  14. the text message conversations that we resort to because of distance
  15. the minds of the characters I've written