Requested by @Nicholas
  1. Any of the gang stumbling into the coffee shop drunk
    Most of them lived above the coffee shop, so let's consider how often this would have been an occurrence. I can just imagine Rachel walking in wasted after breaking up with Tag or when Ross was engaged to Emily and Gunther sadly taking care of her. Or Chandler after Kathy cheated on him, "could I BE any more hammered?"
  2. Joey and his women
    Joey picked up a lot of women in Central Perk. Actually, Joey picked up a lot of women everywhere he went. I feel like Gunther had bets going with his unseen coworkers over whether Joey would succeed/how many women he would take home in a week. Also, Gunther would have some righteous stories about Joey posing as his alter ego Ken Adams in order to hook up with women.
  3. The cat
    Let us not forget about the demon cat that Rachel adopted and gave to Gunther when she realize that Sphinx cat was just another term for pure evil. This was one of many moments in the show when I realized how much Gunther cared about Rachel. I can't even imagine how many awful storied Gunther has about that satanic creature before he inevitably set it free back into the netherworld it came from.
  4. Other regulars at Central Perk
    It was a cool coffee shop. Like, really cool. We have no word on the quality of the coffee, but I have to imagine it was pretty special seeing as the place was always full. Surely there were other regulars besides the ones we got to know for ten years, and Gunther would be the one who knew these mysterious people.
  5. The soap opera industry
    He used to play Bryce on All My Children. Enough said.
  6. Phoebe
    The show really glosses over how weird Phoebe is. Besides her music, I'm sure Gunther would have many a story regarding her antics and behaviors. Imagine when she met her friends outside of the group for coffee. A wild time for sure.
  7. Stories from a salon.
    Because, really. That platinum didn't happen instantaneously.
    Suggested by   @erikaaa
  8. Training Joey Tribiani
    Imagine what that was like - how many times Gunther had to repeat himself; how much he just stripped out after seeing the vacant look in Joeys eyes; that time he caught Joey and a chick in the back making out; etc.
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  9. About each of the times he messed with Ross's food order
    I don't know if Gunther would serve Ross a "sneeze muffin" but he might serve him the wrong kind of tea or acted like he didn't understand his order, especially when he was dating Rachel. "Like you don't already have EVERYTHING!"
    Suggested by   @kate81
  10. His time in Amsterdam
    How else did he learn Dutch. His extended stay in Amsterdam of course where he was onstage at Boom Chicago at night while giving bike tours by day.
    Suggested by   @jaidub