Note: this list was created and posted at 35,000 feet because technology is amazing. Please add your own so I can have more stuff to watch while avoiding the cold! Also, before someone says something, I too realize that Home Alone isn't on here.
  1. Elf
    The quintessential. I watch this movie every December. Hell, I watch this movie every July. Every time they play this on ABC Family, I will watch it.
  2. Rent
    Okay, not inherently a Christmas movie, but it takes place (partly) on Christmas, so that's enough, right?
  3. Love Actually
    I'm not proud of this one.
  4. 8 Crazy Nights
    It's not even good, but it's the singular Hanukkah movie out there and a Jew's gotta do what a Jew's gotta do. However, on that note...
  5. The Hanukkah episode of Rugrats
    Not actually a movie, but again, limited Hanukkah resources in the mainstream media, people!
  6. The Devil Wears Prada
    Not a holiday movie. I don't have an explanation for this one.
  7. Harry Potter
    Any. All. They celebrate Christmas a LOT in them and there's so many of these films that it will pass time when you're snowed in your house for days (I'm saying this from experience.)
  8. Les Miserables
    Nothing says "home for the holidays" like uncontrollable weeping for two and a half hours!
  9. Ratatouille
    See The Devil Wears Prada description.
  10. The Holiday
    Suggested by @kate81
  11. While You Were Sleeping.
    Suggested by @jpbateson