1. I'm so tired
  2. Oh, we're workshopping Backwards Baseball Cap's story today
  3. I didn't like that story
  4. I don't want to sound like a downer
  5. I'm gonna sit in the back and list instead
  6. I can't take this three hour block
  7. How have I done this all semester?
  8. How many hours is that?
  9. Backwards Baseball Cap is laughing at his own story
  10. Frat Guy is speaking. Oh no.
  11. I never learned any names of any of these people
  12. I might be the worst
  13. Oh my god I have to pee
  14. Time to zone out and look at lists for too long
  15. Did I just burp in class?
  16. Why, yes. Yes I did.
  17. I don't have the attention span for this
  18. I'm going to the bathroom
  19. Whoa, Backwards Baseball Cap turned his cap around while I was in the bathroom
  20. This is not a change I'm prepared for
  21. Dude, that changes your entire NAME
  22. Did he do it on purpose?
  23. Does he know I mentally refer to him by the state of his headwear?
  24. Does this entire class know that I have renamed all of them based on physical characteristics?
  25. Someone just asked Pretty Hair Girl what kind of music she listens to and she said "surf rock"
  26. I'm not cool enough to know what that means
  27. Three hours is a lifetime
  28. I can't believe I have TWO of these classes next semester