I'm 20. That's not old. However, I have a 16 year old cousin whom I speak to a lot, and her vocabulary could not be more different from mine. Here's a list of words she's used that I had to look up on Urban Dictionary because apparently now 4 years is an entire generation of linguistic separation. Add your own so I don't feel alone on this.
  1. Fleek
    I thought this was a plural form of animals, like how you have a "murder" of crows. I was thinking opossum. A fleek of opossum - sounds legit, right?
  2. Lit
    Such a simple word, such a chance to get it right. And yet, I did not. I thought this was a new way to say something was on fire, so when I heard, "this place is lit!" I was embarrassingly concerned.
  3. Cray
    This is just a lazier way to say crazy. It's a verbal typo. Yet my mind went to crayfish and I deduced it was a synonym of fishy, thus a new way to say suspicious. I got excited about this one. I pictured film noir detective type dude seeing a sketchy character, then dramatically removing his glasses and saying, "that man looks cray!"
  4. Woke
    I thought it was a dance, and then it came in the context of, "she woke," so my mind went to it being in a energized, perhaps over-caffeinated state, "she is woke so she's going to go for a nice 5K." Nope. Not even close.
  5. Thirsty
    Okay OKAY. I don't think I even have to go into what I thought this means and why it's so embarrassing when I said "I'm thirsty, too" when a teen said it to me in reference to another teen. I just wanted a drink.