If you watched the Oscars with someone who is bummed out about this, don't just assume they're a contrarian. Listen to them.
  1. It's like the worst episode of The West Wing as directed by a college sophomore who just discovered Godard.
  2. It is a pompous and empty film, hollow and bereft of real ideas.
    No, "Critics have nothing at stake" doesn't count.
  3. It is a "smart movie" for dumb people, and it's depressing that most just don't know the difference.
  4. The whole thing feels like a curtain call, as if the filmmakers are bowing the entire time, wanting us to applaud their genius.
  5. Despite reductive comparisons to the 7 Up series or the Antoine Doinel films, there has never been anything like Boyhood.
    It now joins the ranks of truly innovative pieces of film work that were passed over by the farce that is the Academy.