It's just too easy.
  1. Chambray bean bag chair
    This was a drunken impulse buy in college. 2 days later, my roommate @nathanwaters asked why there was a huge box outside our door. I had forgotten I ordered it.
  2. The Wes Anderson coffee table book
    I literally hid this in the back of my book shelf. Like, how can you have it out on a table and not look like a total weenie?
  3. Portable Air Conditioner
    My bedroom gets really hot in the summer, so I got one of these without knowing you had to connect it to a window and that it's a whole ordeal. It was just too much. The unit is in our living room and has never even been plugged in.
  4. "We Bought a Zoo" on Blu-Ray
    I mean, it's cute. But do I really need to OWN it? Good special features tho.
  5. Faux-Distressed Beatles "HELP!" t-shirt
    Thought it was REALLY cool until my best friend saw it and just started laughing. "Where'd you get that? Bloomingdale's? Or did you see them in concert and get it at the merch booth?!"
  6. Swiss Army backpack
    Another college mistake. The same friend that shit on my Beatles shirt said I looked like Clooney in "Up in the Air."
  7. Spherical Ice Cube molds
    Thought this would make me cool when I drink scotch like Don Draper or something but most of the time they don't work and I just end up spilling water everywhere.
  8. The 4-Hour Work Week AND The 4-Hour Body AND The 4-Hour Chef all by Tim Ferriss
    These books are huge and embarrassing to have around and I am never going to read ANY of them. Maybe I should use with Wes Anderson book as kindling for a fire.
  9. Bag of Neil Med solution that turned out to have like 7,000 packets in it
    I will NEVER run out as long as I live which is good I guess, but this is cumbersome to say the least.
  10. Both Bon Iver albums on VINYL
    Presented without comment.