This is the probably predictable trajectory of my taste in music. Since high school, I have veered away from strictly finding music via Pitchfork.
  1. SECOND GRADE: Sugar Ray - "Floored"
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  2. THIRD GRADE: Sublime - "Sublime" (Edited)
    8ca90b60 6ba4 482a 9c3d 608cad75ebeb
  3. FOURTH GRADE: blink-182 - "Dude Ranch"
    B10fc94f 8ee3 48e2 a658 f280b3cfe521
  4. FIFTH GRADE: Limp Bizkit - "Significant Other" (Edited)
    Ee35630f dc80 4d48 b81f dda4b94c95ff
  5. SIXTH GRADE: Operation Ivy - "Operation Ivy"
    1d3edc3e ceb9 4c83 a3e9 069a1d9bd76f
  6. SEVENTH GRADE: Saves the Day - "Through Being Cool"
    E8cbf5af 74a6 4b0a 8817 3d7f15887816
  7. EIGHTH GRADE: The Shins - "Chutes Too Narrow"
    20977401 a398 49b2 ac48 00e6797c61c4
  8. NINTH GRADE: Arcade Fire - "Funeral"
    B9184f6a 0475 4c75 965b a0fff141e8d9
  9. TENTH GRADE: Sufjan Stevens - "Illinois"
    33a7682c 6369 40bb b463 d4137f0f0161
  10. ELEVENTH GRADE: Girl Talk - "Night Ripper"
    Ff455315 fa75 4efa 88bd 448a49e435ed
  11. TWELFTH GRADE: LCD Soundsystem - "Sound of Silver"
    2dd9d079 c8bb 4ce1 8752 62aa3c6b90f6