I've included couples that fight a lot because learning how to fight is a big part of making it work, I think. Also, suggest any omissions as these are just some I thought of off the top of my head.
  1. Tony & Carmela Soprano
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    On "The Sopranos"
  2. Jesse & Celine
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    In "Before Midnight"
  3. Marge & Homer Simpson
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    On "The Simpsons"
  4. Nick & Nora Charles
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    In the "Thin Man" Series
  5. H.I. McDunnough & Edwina "Ed" McDunnough
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    In "Raising Arizona"
  6. Eric & Tami Taylor
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    On "Friday Night Lights"
  7. Mel & Nancy Coplin
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    In "Flirting with Disaster"
  8. Josh & Cornelia Srebnik
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    In "While We're Young"
  9. Pete & Debbie
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    In "Knocked Up" and "This is 40"
  10. Emma Greenway Horton & Flap Horton
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    In "Terms of Endearment"
  11. David & Linda Howard
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    In "Lost In America"
  12. Larry & Carol Lipton
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    In "Manhattan Murder Mystery"
  13. Tom & Gerri
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    In "Another Year"
  14. Tom & Gerry Jeffers
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    In "The Palm Beach Story"
  15. Jerry Maguire & Dorothy Boyd
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    In "Jerry Maguire"
  16. Nick & Amy Dunne
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    In "Gone Girl"... JKJKJKJKJK
  17. Ben & George from Love is Strange
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    Suggested by @maya
  18. Zeke and Camille Braverman
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    From Parenthood, the TV show
    Suggested by @sogol
  19. Mary and Richard Schlichting
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    Flirting With Disaster
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx