While the show offered some closure, I can't help but wonder...
  1. Where is Morris Black's head?
  2. Where is Kathy Durst's WHOLE BODY?
  3. Is Fred Durst a member of THE Dursts?
  4. Does Bob Durst wear black contacts on purpose to look like Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland?
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    ***Updated with photographic evidence***
  5. How much longer can we ignore Bob Durst's obvious connections to Limp Bizkit?
  6. Why was it called THE JINX?
  7. Did Mail Kimp write the cadaver note?
  8. What if he STILL gets away with all of this?
  9. Is the justice system fucked irreparably?
  10. What is this world?
  11. Why the hell did Seymour Durst (dad) wake up little Bobby to wave to his mother on the roof? Why.
    Suggested by @mollygarber
  12. Has anyone ever given himself up due to uncontrollable Guilty Murderburps before?
    Suggested by @bengreenberg